Who we are

Building on maritime competence developed continuously since 1848, Bonheur has a unique track record of transformation and venturing into a variety of new industries. Bonheur was an early mover within onshore and offshore renewable energy embarking on this in the 1990s.What we can offer as an investor.

We are active owners adding value together with management and founders through three main levers:

  1. Extensive industry experience and network to open doors to new partners and customers
  2. Close cooperation, know-how and business development
  3. Added credibility from a renowned owner with access to capital

What are we looking for
We continuously evaluate investment opportunities with a view to strengthen existing engagements and expand into new, but still related, business areas. We are seeking innovative and ambitious companies within renewables, energy storage, travel and leisure, circular economy, maritime and shipping, and others.


Øyvind Engesrønning, CEO
+47 94 36 72 89

Ellen Ueland, Investment Manager,
+47 48 44 13 60

Lloyd Butterworth, Investment Manager,
+44 7880 454283

Thomas Scheele Berg, Investment Manager,
+47 92 88 48 56