Bonheur ASA was incorporated in 1897. The origins of the company trace back to the emergence of the modern Norwegian shipping industry. The development from sail to steam, and subsequently to motor vessels, contributed to an expanding business in cargo liner and passenger services. Apart from previous interests in the aviation industries and shipbuilding, the group’s businesses have traditionally been maritime related.

The tanker business was at some stages a major part of the group, but has now been scaled back. The group played an important role in the development of the offshore oil and energy sector in Norway, e.g. through its activities in the yard industry, and was one of the pioneers in the offshore drilling business in Norway.

The group’s focus on the energy sector has evolved into an expansion into renewable energy. Investments in wind power were first made in 1996, and have since resulted in an ownership of a portfolio of wind farms in Scandinavia and in the United Kingdom. Taking advantage of the experience from shipping and renewable energy, the group has in recent years expanded into the offshore wind industry where it operates several vessels for installation and service of wind turbines.

Prior to May 2016 most investments were largely carried out jointly with Ganger Rolf ASA. In May 2016 Bonheur ASA merged with Ganger Rolf ASA, with Bonheur ASA as the surviving entity.

Today the group’s business activities include renewable energy, wind service, cruise and other investments.