Bonheur ASA 17/22 FRN ("BON07")


Issue date 24.05.2017
Maturity date 25.05.2022
Amount NOK 500 000 000
ISIN NO 001 0793565
Coupon NIBOR 3m+4.00%
Coupon type FRN


a) Free Liquid Assets
The Issuer, on a non-consolidated basis, and companies owned 100% in aggregate by the Issuer, shall combined maintain cash and cash equivalents of minimum NOK 500,000,000.
(b) Book equity
The Issuer shall, on a non-consolidated basis, maintain a Book Equity of minimum NOK 2,280,000,000.
(c) Book equity ratio
The Issuer shall on a non-consolidated basis maintain Book Equity Ratio of minimum 35%.