Brave Tern Awarded Global Tech I Contract Extension

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier International Ltd., which is indirectly owned on a 50/50 basis by Bonheur ASA and Ganger Rolf ASA, has been awarded an extended contract with the German company Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH. The work will be performed using the jack-up vessel "Brave Tern".

The contract is a direct continuation of the current work on the German North Sea project and will take the total WTG’s to be installed by Brave Tern from 30 to 45. The contract commenced in December 2013 and with the extension is anticipated to take 170 days.

The contract includes the provision of installation technicians from Global Wind Service A/S (DK) a company indirectly owned 51% by Bonheur ASA and Ganger Rolf ASA.