Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Bonheur ASA was held today, Thursday 26 May 2016. All items on the agenda, which was sent to Oslo Stock Exchange on 28 April 2016, were resolved in accordance with the corresponding proposals placed before the AGM.

In addition to the Chairman of the Shareholders’ Committee, who chaired the AGM, also the Shareholder Committee members Aase Gudding Gresvig, Jørgen G. Heje, Bård Mikkelsen and Einar Harboe were present and so was the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Fred. Olsen and the proprietor of Fred. Olsen & Co., Anette S. Olsen, who also holds the position as Managing Director of Bonheur ASA as part of the overall management services performed by Fred. Olsen & Co.

The AGM thus approved the financial statements and annual report of Bonheur ASA and the Group for 2015 as well as the Board's proposal on payment of a dividend equal to NOK 2.00 per share. The dividend is estimated to be paid on or about 9 June 2016 to shareholders registered as such on the date of this AGM. Consequent on the aforesaid the Company's shares will be traded exclusive of dividend as of 27 May 2016.

Einar Harboe were re-elected as member of the Shareholders' Committee.

In the subsequent constitutive meeting at the Shareholders' Committee Carol Bell and Nick Emery were re-elected in their existing capacities as board members.

Please find enclosed a copy of the protocol from the AGM together with a subsequent presentation conducted by Anette S. Olsen.