The Annual General Meeting in Bonheur ASA will be held on Thursday 26 May 2016 at 14:00 hours, at the Company`s offices in Fred. Olsens gate 2, Oslo.

Please see attachment.

The Company is a Norwegian public limited liability company governed by Norwegian law, hereunder the Public Limited Liability Companies Act and the Securities Trading Act.

As of the date of this summons, the Company has issued 40,789,308 shares. In the Company’s General Meeting each share has one vote. The shares have equal rights in all respects. As at the date of this summons, the Company owns no Treasury shares. The Company is at the date of this summons subject to a merger process with Ganger Rolf ASA where the Company following completion thereof will become the surviving entity. It should be noted that one effect of completion of this merger is an increase in the Company’s share capital and in the number of issued shares.

Shareholders are entitled to attend the General Meeting in person or by proxy, and are further entitled to speak at the General Meeting. Shareholders may also be accompanied by an advisor who may speak at the General Meeting.

Each share provides the right to one vote at the company’s general meetings.

Shareholders who are prevented from participating at the company’s general meetings may vote by virtue of duly documented proxies.